Altering and improving your home

House plan blueprintsYou have the right to carry out alterations or improvements to your home, but you must have our permission in writing first.  We will not refuse permission without a good reason however permission will not be granted if the alterations:

  • Make the dwelling less safe
  • Reduce the value of the property
  • Do not comply with current Building Regulations or Planning Requirements
  • Increase maintenance costs for the Association
  • The proposed improvement could create unacceptable annoyance or nuisance to neighbours
  • The proposed improvement could create future letting problems

Your right to compensation for improvements you carry out

You have the right to claim compensation for certain listed improvements which you make to your home.  We pay this compensation when your tenancy ends.  You must have our permission to carry out the improvements and must meet any reasonable standards we set.  We will only pay the compensation at the end of your tenancy.  If you owe us any amount at that time, we may put the compensation towards your debts to us.  If you break the conditions of your tenancy agreement and we end your tenancy, you will not normally be entitled to any compensation for improvements you have carried out.

If you have made alterations or improvements without our agreement and they are found to be unsafe, we will arrange for them to be made safe immediately.  We will charge you for this work.  We will tell you and confirm in writing.

Where you have given notice to end your tenancy, we will do a pre-termination inspection.  We will tell you about any repairs that are your responsibility and give you the opportunity to do the work yourself or arrange for it to be done at your own expense.