Grounds for Eviction
House Magnifying

  • Not paying rent or breaking any of the conditions of tenancy described here
  • The tenant or anyone residing in or visiting the dwelling using the premises for illegal or immoral purposes or have been convicted or an arrestable offence committed either in the dwelling or locality
  • The tenant or the tenant’s partner has left the dwelling becuase of violence committed in the home by the other partner and is unlikely to return while other continues to remain
  • Damage to the property (including any common areas) by the tenant or anyone residing in or visiting the dwelling
  • Deliberately giving false information when applying for a tenancy or where tenancy was awarded on the basis of a false statement by a third party
  • If the dwelling was only given as temporary accommodation while the tenant’s own home was being improved and these works have been completed
  • If the dwelling is defined by law as overcrowded
  • If the Association needs to gain possession in order to redevelop or rehabilitate the property
  • Where accommodation specifically provided for a physically disabled person is occupied by a person who does not need such special accommodation and it is wanted for letting to a disabled person
  • Where accommodation has been provided for persons with special housing needs and there is no longer such a person residing in the dwellng and it is required for letting to such person
  • Where grouped accommodation has been provided for those with sepcial needs and it is occupied by a person who has no need for the special service or facility provided and it is required for letting to a person who has the special needs


You or anyone residing in or visiting your dwelling-house must not:

  • Be guilty of conduct causing or likely to cause a nuisance or annoyance to a person residing, visiting or otherwise engaging in a lawful activity in the locality or

have been convicted of:

  • Using the dwelling-house or allowing it to be used for illegal or immoral purposes, or
  • An arrestable offence committed in, or in the locality of the dwelling-house

Domestic Violence

The Housing (NI) Order 2003 includes a new ground which makes it clear that possession proceedings can be obtained inrespect of domestic violence.