What is an exchange?
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A direct or mutual exchange is when you change properties with another tenant living in SUHA, N.I.H.E. or another Association’s property.

How do I get an exchange?

Many tenants arrange exchanges by placing notices in local papers, shops or community centres etc.  You may have already idenditified a tenant with whom you wish to exchange.  If so, we will require their names and address.

You should also complete a transfer form and forward it to the Association.  It is not necessary to have been a tenant for 2 years in order to considered for a direct exchange.

You and the tenant with whom you wish to exchange must obtain the written consent of SUHA and the other landlord in order for the exchange to be legal.

If we do not approve the exchange we will inform you of the reasons.

Please note that it is the Association’s policy not to undertake normal change of tenancy repairs following an exchange unless they are required for health and safety reasons.