Gas Servicing

SUHA has a statutory duty to ensure that all gas appliances, flues and gas pipe work installed by SUHA are serviced and a gas safety check is carried out annually in accordance with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 2004 and the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive.  SUHA will take all reasonable steps to comply with the requirements by appointing GAS SAFE registered contractors to carry out annual gas servicing.

SUHA carries out annual servicing and safety checks to all of its properties with gas central heating.  The servicing is carried out to an agreed programme.  A notification letter is sent to all tenants informing them of the date of the gas service and the importance of allowing the contractor access to the property.

Contractors carry GAS SAFE identity cards.

The work is only issued to GAS SAFE registered contractors who will:

  • Ensure that all SUHA installed gas appliances, flues and gas pipe work are maintained and operate in a safe condition
  • Ensure that an annual gas service is carried out on all gas appliances, flues and gas pipe work installed by SUHA.  If the appliances are new then they will be checked within 12 months of their installation date
  • Ensure that a record is kept of each annual service
  • Ensure that SUHA and the tenant recieve a copy of the GAS SAFE Certificate within 28 days of the service being completed
  • Ensure that if the appliance is faulty and cannot be repaired at the time that SUHA and the tenant will be instructed not to use it until remedial work is completed.

It is a Condition of Tenancy that reasonable access must be permitted to enable SUHA to undertake the annual service (and any repairs).  It the tenant fails to provide reasonable access then it may result in legal proceedings commencing under the Grounds for Possession (Ground 1) in order to obtain access or end the tenancy.