House Sales Scheme

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SUHA’s House Sales Policy follows the guidance provided by the Department of Social Development in Northern Ireland.  The House Sales Policy has been prepared under the Housing (NI) Order 2003 and has been given approval by SUHA’s Board of Management.

SUHA House Sales Policy provides secure tenants in certain circumstances with the opportunity to purchase their property as the sitting tenant.

Further inforamtion on buying your property is available from SUHA and the notes below should provide you with a brief guide to the process.

To purchase your property you must have a minimum of 5 years as a secure tenant, either with the N.I.H.E or a Registered Housing Association.  For the purpose of the House Sales Scheme, time spent as an Introductory tenant will count towards this.

Properties exempt from purchase are:

  • A group home
  • A bungalow with 2 bedrooms or less

To make an application to purchase your property, you can request an application form from SUHA office.  If you want to proceed with an application to purchase your property, return the completed form.  SUHA will then make the decision to determine eligibility to proceed with the purchase of your property.  If you are successful, you are required to send a cheque to cover the valuation fee of your property (contact our office for cost details).

The valuation of your property is valid for 6 months.

SUHA will endeavour to have an offer of sale to you within 6-8 weeks of receiving your completed application.  SUHA will provide guidance and assistance to you, to enable you to become a homeowner.

The purchase price of your property cannot be determined until the market value is requested.  It is only then that SUHA can calculate your discount entitlement and advise you of the offer of sale price.  If your property is less than 10 years old, or has been purchased and rehabilitated at a cost to the Association, then the property will not be sold to you for less than it cost SUHA to provide it i.e. Historic Cost.