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The Tenant’s Guarantee

The Tenant’s Guarantee is a guidance document which all registered Housing Associations are required to adopt and which sets out the standards of service which tenants can expect, the information to be provided to tenants and also tenant’s rights.  The Tenant’s Guarantee will be issued at the commencement of your tenancy, but further copies are available on request.

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South Ulster Housing Associations Performance

Under the Tenant’s Guarantee, the Association has to provide its tenants with information that is likely to be of interest to them including information on:

  • Performance in response maintenance
  • Average rent charges for different sizes of homes
  • Number of complaints received
  • Success in collection of rents
  • Housing stock
  • Void properties
  • Letting times

In order to infrom you as a tenant, SUHA publishes a Tenant’s Newsletter up to 4 times a year which will include this information which every tenant will receive.  This information will also be published in our Annual Report.