Homes rent
The Association may increase or decrease the rent by giving the tenant 4 weeks notice in writing.


Rates are assessed by the Valuations and Lands Agency.  Any increase to South Ulster Housing Association is forwarded to the tenant and is applicable from the date of increase.  However, the Association will endeavour to give reasonable notice of any rates increase.

Service Chargehouse calculator

The Association will levy a charge to cover the cost of following services:

  • Maintenance of communal facilities
  • Cleaning of communal areas
  • Gardening and maintenance of grounds
  • Provision of Management Services

Housing Benefit

We encourage tenants to apply for housing benefit when they first sign their tenancy agreement.  It is the tenant’s responsibility to claim housing benefit and also to notify the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (N.I.H.E.) of any change in their circumstances.  Application forms and assistance are available at our office.  Change in your circumstances must be notified to both the N.I.H.E and the Association.

N.I.H.E Housing Benefit Calculator