SUHA may be able to arrange a transfer for you if you have been a tenant for at least 2 years. (You may apply earlier on medical or social grounds).

You can also transfer to a property owned by the N.I.H.E or another Housing Association in accordance with the Common Selection Scheme.

How do you apply for a transfer:

You should complete a transfer form and forward it to the Association.  A Housing Officer will make arrangements to visit with you within 2 weeks to assess your circumstances and to inspect your present accommodation.  However you will not be placed on the transfer list if:

  • You have rent arrear over 4 weeks or owe recoverable charges
  • Your home is not in a satisfactory condition
  • You are under investigation for anti-social behaviour or we are taking action to end your tenancy for causing anti-social behaviour
  • We are taking action against you for a breach of your conditions of tenancy